It’s not about electric assistance, as the MotoBoost gearbox can be fitted to both a classic bike and an electric bike, where it will additionally save battery power. It’s about a gearbox that, thanks to the technology of elastic inserts, gives back the energy put into pedaling when accelerating or climbing climbs. Most interestingly – it is manufactured in Poland and will soon go on sale!

Sohbi Craft Poland Ltd. – manufacturer of Sohbi MotoBoost gears, is a metal stamping plant with engineering and tooling facilities. The factory has been operating in Ostaszewo near Toruń for more than 15 years and initially produced stamped steel components for liquid crystal screen housings, but now offers services related to the metal forming industry, mainly in the automotive sector.

Using the knowledge it has gained over the years of operation and the technical facilities of its stamping plant, the company is teaming up with the Japanese at Free Power – a manufacturer of similar systems – and is developing a new generation of gearboxes, sales of which will begin soon.

How does it work?

MotoBoost is a mechanical gear that contains spring elements that compensate for the power put into pedaling, distributing it evenly as the cranks turn. The purpose of the device is to relieve the strain on the user when riding, such as up hills, which translates not only into riding efficiency, but also into reducing the risk of muscle and joint strain injuries. Another application of the MotoBoost gearbox is electric bicycles, where the presence of an additional “booster” saves up to 30% of energy in the batteries.

The solution has two options: applied in the cassette or in the crank discs (versions with different number of cogs).

The system is said to improve acceleration, provide a lighter ride, improve endurance, reduce muscle strain and reduce jerking during gear changes. Installation and removal is simple, and the system can additionally act as a gentle shock absorber.