About Mark

Marek competes in bicycle ultramarathons of many thousands of kilometers. He has won several of them, including Race Around Poland 3600km, – Beautiful West 500km, – Ultragryfus 260km. Last year he took part in the most prestigious and one of the toughest ultramarathons in the world – Race Across America 4880km. (10 days and 5 hours non-stop) and won in the following categories: – Fastest Solo Male Under 50 – Debut of the Year (best rookie) – Fastest Male – King of the Prairies. In October of this year he took the lead in a challenging rally in very difficult conditions through Japan, the Japan Odyssey of about 3,000km (9 days and 3 hours without change). Next year, he plans to compete again in the world’s toughest Ultramarathons. Marek proves that cycling and ultra cycling are sports for people of all ages.

Mark’s opinion on Motoboost

“Motoboost gearbox, deserves a positive opinion for several reasons. It is reliable and solidly made. It guarantees smooth and efficient transmission of power to the wheels! Its design translates into driving comfort. In addition, it is easy to maintain and does not cause any problems during daily operation. It is designed to be a sturdy and durable part of the bike, which translates into long-lasting use without the need for frequent replacement or repair. All in all, my opinion of this bicycle gearbox is very positive, as it meets all my expectations and provides exceptional performance and reliability while riding!”

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