What is MotoBoost – automatic off-road adjustment system

The MotoBoost crank mechanism is a mechanism with a built-in system called the automatic off-road adjustment system. Its effectiveness has been proven by three Japanese universities and demonstrated at a conference of the Society of Mechanical Engineers in Japan.

The gear improves rotational performance in any terrain, and reduces muscle tension for a comfortable ride. No difficult adjustments are required, and MotoBoost adapts to the terrain to reduce muscle tension and increase performance. It’s a special gearbox like no other.

How do MotoBoost bicycle gears differ from traditional gears?

The kinetic energy from the MotoBoost structure increases the initial speed and contributes to the next rotation. We call this SNAP START. The silicone stores some of the resistance during pedaling as power and releases it at a dead stop. This increases rotation efficiency and reduces muscle strain.

With conventional equipment, the wasted power was a burden on the body, causing muscle pain and fatigue. MotoBoost transforms the resistance and strain of human power and cycling into propulsive power. In addition, while conventional bicycle pedaling puts a lot of strain on the calves, MotoBoost uses all the muscles in the legs, making pedaling easier.

In other words, it is a special piece of equipment that solves the problems of cycling while strengthening the muscles.

Technical data

– Model no: FGP4,
– compatible BCP 110mm discs
– 44T disc installed,
– arm length: 170mm,
– compatible bottom bracket type: square,
– width of bottom bracket coupler: 68 and 73 mm,
– compatible chain: HG 8/7/6 rows e.g. HG40,
– Type of bottom bracket: threaded, for square e.g. BB-UN101, BB-UN300,
– suggested bottom bracket axle length: 127.5mm
– chainline: 40+/-1.5, alternative chainline 44.7mm

The kit includes

– right crank with 44T sprocket
– left crank
– 2 screws for assembly
– manual

Benefits of using MotoBoost

– Easier ride and less muscle strain
– It stores kinetic energy and gives it back when we need it most by leveling dead zones
– Good for exercise evenly engage leg muscles
– Shocks caused by bumps in the road are converted into driving force
– High performance and durability
– Reduces stress on the feet

Each set comes with an instruction manual.

Installation Tips

For assembly, disassembly or service work, allen wrenches and a square type crank puller are required. Unscrewing the cover which is screwed to the body on 5 screws will reveal the mechanism in which we can replace the silicones. Before installing it on the bike for the first time, remember to keep the current chain line. The standard MotoBoost chain line is 40mm. In the case of a 1x drive, there is an alternative sprocket position, i.e. you can screw the sprocket from the other side of the flange. Then the chain line will change to a value of 44.7mm. If this value deviates from your bicycle standard, use spacers.

Patented by Free Power Innovations in Japan, Taiwan and China. US, Canada, EU, patent pending.
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