We are pleased to announce that on March 18, 2024, we had the honor of meeting with the President of the Poland-Asia Chamber, Janusz Piechocinski, who served as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy in 2012-2015. During the meeting, we presented our innovative MotoBoost transmission, which aroused great interest.

The MotoBoost transmission is a breakthrough product in the mechanical field, designed to be healthy, enhance performance and adapt to driving on any possible terrain. The meeting with President Piechocinski opened up new opportunities for us to work with the Poland-Asia Chamber, which has been actively supporting the development of companies for years. We believe that with their support, our MotoBoost project will have a chance for successful promotion and expansion into new markets.

Cooperation with the Poland-Asia Chamber is a great opportunity for us to develop and strengthen our position. We are convinced that joint activities will bring tangible benefits to both sides, and our innovative solutions will find recognition among the Chamber’s business partners.

We look forward to the challenges ahead and are optimistic about future successes. We would like to thank Janusz Piechociński and the entire team of the Poland-Asia Chamber for their openness and willingness to cooperate. Together we can really achieve a lot!