User Benefits

Hard type silicone allows you to drive faster

The feeling is the same as that of a conventional bicycle, but the increased efficiency of rotation allows for a faster ride.

Soft type silicone reduces strain on the muscles and allows you to ride with ease.

It helps you to use all the muscles in your legs and contribute to your health.

Conventional bicycles put a lot of stress on the calves, causing unbalanced muscle use. The MotoBoost makes it easier to ride by using all the muscles in the legs evenly!

It works well over long distance, on hills, and on rough roads.

The more resistance and the more tired you are, MotoBoost shows more effect. It has been proved to increase the rate of reduction in muscle strain over long distances and on hills!

Try it with us

  • easy installation
  • each gear packed in individual box with usage instruction
  • free delivery for each EU country
  • price 225 EUR
  • technical support by our engineers

Did you know?

Nothing has changed in the bicycle gear mechanism for 100 years!
Untill now
New history is coming

Patented by Free Power Innovations in Japan, Taiwan and China. US, Canada, EU, patent ongoing.
Developed in partnership with:

The history of the bicycle is a quest for efficient rotation. In 1890, gears were created to transmit power to the chain. And in the 1930s, transmissions were created. However, gears still have no function other than transmitting power and transmissions cannot eliminate dead zone. Now, for the first time in 100 years, Free Power Innovations had developed the world’s first drive gear that has a function other than transmitting power and resolves dead zones. It is an inevitable consequence of the history of bicycles in pursuit of rotational efficiency.

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